Hello! So my birthday is coming up soon and I am really much more of a giving person than receiving so I’d thought I’d give back to to all of ya’ll!

Phoenix Comicon is comin’ up soon and I’m 99% sure ya’ll are excited for it and it is a little bit pricier than last year. So, I’ve decided to give away TWO Full Event Membership passes, since I know cosplays can be expensive and not everyone has a lot of money to spend. 

My only rules are that you have to be like 95% sure you’re going AND meet me on either Saturday or Friday to pick up your pass from me. Also if ur only gonna go one day it’d be kind of a waste so I’d really hope u went at least 2 of the days, ye? But that isn’t really up to me. If you’re only going for one day let me know and I’ll get a pass specifically for that day!

PLEASE DONT REBLOG THIS, only like it!!! Also if you’re not in Arizona you can’t win this. Only because I want Azstucks to benefit from this, gomen. Good luck!


(( also if ur my friend u cant enter this bc like if you need help paying just ask me or s/t and i can maybe help no promises tho))  

edit: oops forgot to mention i guess this will end on the 7th of march! yay and ill be using a random number generator to choose two winners

  1. kawrou said: why are u such a nice person ahh and happy early bday!! (im also super excited for the gt group at pcc!)
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  6. dersing said: Happy early birthday!! I already got my tickets hehe, but this sounds like a really cool mini-giveaway uvu
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